This Page Paper Goods is dedicated to providing useful products to paper-loving people. 

Our current offerings include:

  1. A Signature Line of softcover notebooks
  2. Printable Digital Bundles
  3. Custom Notebooks, & Notepads (Design & Product)

We offer all of the products on a retail and wholesale basis. 


Currently we have the following softcover notebooks available. 

Today Matters - The Chronicles (In Canada Click here)

Today Matters - Wellness (Coming Soon) 

Today Matters - Progress YOUTH EDITION (Coming Soon)

Business - The Entrepreneur's Notebook  (Coming Soon) 

Business - The Entrepreneur's Log Book  (Coming Soon)


The Printable Business Template Pack (20 originally designed templates for printable use) 

This Page Sampler Pack - FREE (Coming Soon)


Packages available are for both Individuals or Business Owners - both with varying printing options and distribution rights. 


You may have a particular way of working, a specific goal or design preference with your paper planner/notebook that doesn't currently exist in mainstream retail. We are able to take your ideas, organize and streamline, design and produce a product that is specialized to your needs. This includes exterior materials and specs (ie - linen cover, bronze coil, size etc) and interior page count, quality and content. 

This can also be developed for a certain person in your life - for a particular reason. For example: 

~ Create a daily check-in for a child who you want to encourage personally in one area (using their name and things that are important to them) 

~ Have notebook with large-print areas and cream coloured pages (for less visual strain) for an aging parent who still wants to document daily happiness. 

~ Produce a family memory keepsake notebook for documenting vacations, special events and group gatherings. 

Business Owners:

If you are a Wellness Coach (or any other type of coach), a Leader or Business owner who has developed custom system that you want to create alignment on for your team/audience - this is your package. 

We can develop both printed products or digital assets that can be produced in larger quantities and that you will have the rights to distribute. 

 For example: 

~ You lead a group of Youth who need accountability to execute on a few specific daily tasks (but you want to make it as easy as possible and non-digital)  

~ You are Holistic Wellness practitioner who wants your clients to track certain things that aren't usually monitored (without having to reference a PDF every time)

~ As a business owner, you have a mastermind group that you meet with quarterly with, and you need a notebook that each of you will all use to keep aligned and focused during each meeting. 

For more information - please visit this page or get in touch using the email: