This specialized notebook is simply designed to help you create, access and assess the overall health you desire. 

With 3 sections - this notebook is a daily habit/insight tracker, energy focuser, a fill-in resource library and a journal. 

This notebook can be used for such a variety of purposes - depending on your goals and intentions. Whether you are starting a fitness journey or facing a diagnosis. Either way, any way - we can all benefit from putting some attention into our overall well-being - physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Read on to find out about each specific section. 


Every day we get an opportunity to focus our attention. This page is intended to encourage consistency in directing your thoughts and energy to areas of life that cultivate overall well-being.

This section has room for the date, a quick self assessment, a question (How are you?) and a space to set an intentional action to follow through on that will support your wellness. It could be something as simple as calling a friend, making a smoothie, or researching a new remedy.

The section turns grey to indicate the evening portion of your check-in. Use the check-box provided to confirm if you completed your intended action and record and reflect on what you received and what you gave for the day.

Lastly, it has a small section to document your water intake, nutrition, movement and engagement in/with community (friends, colleagues, neighbours, family etc.).

All of this nurtures an awareness of the rhythms of your life and informs any shifts you want to make going forward. There is value in simply creating this ritual of a daily check-in with yourself. Going even further, it could also help you notice patterns in your thoughts, and actions as you review them. Do what feels best to you.

Includes 365 spaces (a full year) of spaces to record in. 


This is the place for you to build a personalized library of diverse information, advice and data. Use it to document names of books, podcasts, apps, or stores you want to remember.

Keep track of remedies, nutritionists, medications, therapies, or even a person that you want to connect with in order to support your wellness.

Collecting these details in one section is an important organizational strategy so you can use your time and energy on things that matter in understanding the full picture of your wellness.    


This section is designed to keep you aligned. It is an open space for your thoughts, feelings, musings, and reflection, as well as an area to outline plans, goals, and routines.

You can use this space to take notes during an important appointment, let your mind release as you wait for a class to start, or jot down an insight after the first week of a new health regimen.

Just remember—wellness includes it all: facing the scary things, the breakthroughs, messy middles, and uncertainty.

This space can hold it all.


200 + Page count

Softcover Premium Soft-Touch Cover (Available in 4 different colours)

Paper Weight: 50-61 pound, 74-90 grams per square meter

Size: 8 x 10 inches (20.32 cm x 25.4 cm)

365 x Daily check-in space

52 x Notes Pages

80 x Spaces for Resource Documentation 



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