Product Information:

What types of notebooks do you offer?
Currently we have a memory keeper, a youth notebook, an Entrepreneurs Business Notebook & log book and a Wellness book. Stay tuned for more releases. 

Can I customize or personalize my notebook?
Yes! We have a custom program. Please use the contact form to connect with us regarding your project. 

What formats are available for digital downloads?
Our digital downloads are in PDF format.

General Information: 
How can I stay updated on new products and promotions?
The best way to keep in touch is to sign up to our newsletter (currently in our footer on the website) and follow us on Instagram at @thispagepapergoods. 

Do you offer wholesale?
Yes - we offer wholesale and have special rates for non-profits. Use the contact form to get in touch. Looking forward to hearing from you! 

Can I suggest a notebook for you to design? 
Totally. We love to hear your ideas. The benefit of being a small company is that we can execute on products quicker than big business. If we see a demand we are able to create and distribute in a timely manner. 

How did this business start?  
To hear more about how and why this business started please visit the 'about us' section. 

Ordering Process:

How do I place an order?
Currently - to purchase a physical item from This Page you need to click the link for each item which will take you to Amazon. Alternatively you can go to Amazon in your ordering country and search 'Tamara Hackett' (Author/Designer/Owner). You will see available options there. 

Can I modify or cancel my order after it's placed?
This will currently be done through Amazon's customer service. 
Is there a minimum order quantity for notebooks or digital downloads?

Not for retail orders - no. If you are interested in custom options or wholesale then yes. There is a minimum. If you are interested in hearing about our custom/wholesale programs please use the contact form to get in touch. 

Shipping and Delivery:
What are the shipping options available?
Amazon will provide information regarding shipping options at time of purchase. 

How long does it take to receive my order?
Amazon will provide information regarding shipping options at time of purchase. 

Do you offer international shipping?
Yes! Our distribution partners on Amazon will be able to provide information regarding specific countries upon ordering. 
What is your return policy?
Returns can be processed through Amazon customer service. There is no returns available on digital products. 
Technical Support:
I'm having trouble downloading my digital product. What should I do?
Use the contact form to get in touch. We will make sure you receive it. Make sure and refresh your browser and confirm that you don't have blocks set up to prevent downloads. 

How do I access my digital download after purchase?
After downloading your purchase click on the link to open. Once the document is opened - click File - save on your computer's main menu. Choose where you would like to save it. Print as needed. 

Are there any technical requirements for using your digital products?
Nope! You can download and print from any computer. Please note - files are not editable and can not be used digitally. They are intended to be printed and used in your analog experience. 

Payment Methods:
What payment methods do you accept?
Available payment options are listed at time of purchase. 

Product Care:
How should I care for my notebook to ensure its longevity?
As a paper product - notebooks can get scuffed or ripped during use. For our soft touch covers you can use a warm damp cloth to remove fingerprints. Dry immediately. 

To prevent rips, tears and damage to your paper products keep in a space that won't get squished. 

Anything else? 

If your questions weren't addressed here - please get in touch using the contact box on the website.