Serial entrepreneur Tamara Hackett founded This Page Paper Goods after over 14 years in the small business community.  

Below is the short version of the story of how this venture got started. For more information - please use the contact box to keep connected. 

A note from the founder: 

Well over a decade ago - I remember sitting at my computer googling 'what is code?' because I literally didn't know how you got the stuff in your head - on to the computer. This paper-using soul - wanted to start a business. 

Fast forward through a printable paper business, several best-selling children's books/journals, a start-and-sold product based business and many years in design and consulting work. Here we are. Back where we started with my paper notebook in hand (And yes - I still need my computer. Gotta get this information to you somehow!). 

Ready again - for this Paper business (2.0).

The development of the products came from a still moment of contemplation. What do I care about? I care about people. I thought about the people I love. Who are all continually navigating life (as are we all).

I thought about -

My kids who are figuring out what being a teenager means. And all the delicate life choices they must make while they get to know themselves. 

My mom who faced her diagnosis by writing little notes on pieces of loose leaf paper about what was going on (that I found 20 years later in her belongings).

My clients who were leaving the funded programs and then expected to do it on their own (ps. I also worked with children & youth with varying abilities in my life). 

and... many more people who all have things that matter to them at certain stages of their lives. 

and so begins This Page Paper Goods. 

The name came from the simple intention to provide a single point of focus. A tool that can be used for whatever it needs to be used for. This Page. It's yours. Right now. 

As the products are developed - I continually get help/advice from professionals in each field and have all offerings product-tested by those who would be using them. And so far - it's working. 

This is just the beginning so if you need something designed just for you - this is why This Page is here. 

Let's keep in touch, 


Photo by: Miranda Weston Photography